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» Comics - 243 - January 29th, 2017, 1:00 pm

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Mathew (Guest), January 29th, 2017, 1:32 pm ( Reply )

Sweet! :D

Koren, January 29th, 2017, 3:09 pm ( Reply )

Now kiss.

FoxDoodles, January 29th, 2017, 3:26 pm ( Reply )

Cute, but what is the background window an image of?

May-Brush, January 30th, 2017, 4:27 pm ( Reply )

May geeks out and overanalyzes stuff
Since the spamstravanganza is over now (it was such a good feeling, getting a new page every day!) I can’t resist my ever-increasing urge to write a loooooooooooong impression-post about the story. <3 So brace yourselves! xD

This chapter ended on a very heartwarming note with both Font and Charon being ok, the outer ring’s jettisoning prevented and Tabitha’s threat postponed.
Though how the situation was ultimately solved with Angel dealing with everything, seemed a bit fast (it was surprising, since the parts with Byrdi and the elves convincing the villagers seemed to be building up in this direction. Well, guess the two sides were still not ready to make peace, wanting absolutely nothing to do with each other and all…. Also Djinn’s powers didn’t get utilised… :( Been hoping to see them in action xD).
I think there’s much more to the story of Scourosi though. With the ring freed from the spell it’s hard to say for how long our protagonists are gonna stay though. There are many new questions arising from how the situation’s unveiled, for example: will Charon be getting the Black Tezcatlipoca back? Are the spirits going to return now or is it not enough (and what were the circumstances of their leaving in the first place? Where are they now?). Is the shield preventing Tabitha from entering gone too and if so, are they going to have to evacuate Samuel now?

Also, I think it’s likely we’re going to meet the rest of Petty’s crew soon, sInce at one point she said they couldn’t leave for a week because the others were still pillaging elsewhere.

I think the most significant thing to the overarching plot we learned, was that tiny bit of information about what Tabitha wants from Vonaku. It’s something Valris refused to give her and instead passed it on to her daughter. What might it be though… (My first thought was obviously the earrings. With their design similar to other estimian knots, they might hold some significance and maybe turn out to be some sort of secret spell hidden in plain sight! Or it might be something entirely different! Dying to find out!)
Also Prestiso got to make fire! Yay! Hopefully he’ll be able to conjure it in…less pressing situations as well now? XD Is he going to be tutored by Farlynne too? When they return to Bakia, what sort of new challenges for Vo (and maybe Prestiso too) will she present?

Also with the outer ring safe from jettisoning and Tabitha showing up, I’m curious as to how Byrdi and co. will react learning about this.
Also there’s Latae. What’s next in store for him? He’s such an enigma! One moment I’m convinced he’s bad, another I’m leaning towards the option it’s actually Tabitha manipulating him… We know he’s still a child sprite - then how much of his behaviour is actually of his own will and how much is Tabitha’s influence? (I’d be surprised if she didn’t know his real name, would be a great twist though xD)

Okay, onto my favorite characters section!:

- Vonaku - although it may not be apparent at first glance, she’s slowly getting more and more character development. I think Samuel’s story about her mom, made some sort of a lasting impression on her (especially the remark on “earthquakes”). Thus she is later shown being more agreeable (agreeing to get new shoes without arguing, commenting how the sleeper wasn’t worth her pain, actually taking time to read the book given to her by Saen, despite how it didn’t seem magical at all).
- Tirkayka - as I mentioned earlier, she just keeps on growing on me. I think she’s warming up to Vonaku the more time she spends with her. I sincerely hope she’s gonna get some more backstory and spotlight soon. :) Maybe they’re going to visit Felenix next? :D
- Charon ’n Font - I just love them. Font’s boldness to sacrifice his life for Charon (knowing she’s basically given up her own existence for people who won’t even budge to take the enormous burden of her shoulders) was truly admirable. And how can one not adore Charon? XD
- Saen - From the beginning I’ve really liked her. Her attitude and how she’s very understanding and patient with Vonaku, willing to help her in every situation (unlike some others who usually act patronising around her) is great. Vo might not be able to fully appreciate it yet but as she matures, it’s likely she’s going to notice how kind Saen’s been to her.
- Fang - the guy’s just awesome! His personality and antics, especially in the flashback with Samuel, were really enjoyable. :D

And now, the more “overarching” questions. It will probably be a long time before the answers are revealed but I would like to just put it out there:

- What’s Tabitha’s agenda? Her motivations etc.
- What has Tabitha done with Vo’s brothers.
- Why does Vonaku hate her dad.
- Since we know Valris didn’t tell Vonaku everything, wonder if she knew her mum was a queen of swan maidens. I’m also curious what kind of upbringing Vonaku had (I’m also dying to know what Valris’ hair color was for some reason xD we were shown a brief glimpse of her in the first chapter but it was sort of stylized xD)
- The significance of colored hair and cheek marks on the human characters with magical powers (Charon, Font, Castor, Pollux. They might all be from Scourosi even?). We know Charon didn’t have the tiny spirals under her eyes before going to Mictlan as a kid - so it’s definitely associated with magic.

Okay, I’ll be wrapping it up then xD. Sorry for such a long post, usually when I read or watch something I remain in the lurker territory. But I really love this universe and wanted to share some of my thoughts.
Also since it’s the end of a chapter again, my mind immediately starts to speculate who’s gonna be featured on the next chapter break xD. Kinda got Prestiso right this chapter (though Ni at chapter 6 completely surprised me and also back at chapter 3 I was shocked it could be anyone else than Byrdi, hehe xD). This time it’s really hard for me to say though xD. My best bet would probably be one of the elves, maybe Petty. We’ll see who’s it gonna be in reality :P.
Keep up the good work, Betsy! Love your stories! <3

warlordofnoodles, January 31st, 2017, 1:23 pm ( Reply )

@May-Brush: This wall o text means a lot to me. You should know that. Thanks.

Meesh (Guest), July 19th, 2017, 4:26 am ( Reply )

No Evil
Oh man this is really cool! I just found this comic right after marathoning no evil and I love catching onto the little similarities- Angel as an adult is so cool and I never knew what Mictlan was before so it's great to find out!

ShiningDawn, July 28th, 2018, 5:40 pm ( Reply )

My First Smackjeeves comment ever WHAAAAT??!!
It's a bit late, but I wasn't able to keep track of who was who in the flashback with the prince and the swan queen. who in the flashback was whom in the main comic?

Sog (Guest), January 30th, 2019, 5:33 am ( Reply )

Engaging comic
Rich world and characters, complex story with a dose of humor. Yes, maybe I don't have nuff wit to fully comprehend everything, but I don't need every piece of entertainment to thightly hold my hand. I wonder about wxact Brother Swan's world relation to No Evil's.

Well, thanks for your work Lady Warlord.

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